10 Seasonal Camping Tips












Whether you are a seasoned RV camper, or you have finally saved up to get that RV you have been dreaming of, if you are thinking of getting serious into RV camping, seasonal camping might be for you. Seasonal campers reserve a campsite for an extended duration, parking their RV at that specific site and are free to settle in or leave as they wish. If it is your goal this year to go camping more often, seasonal camping might just be the thing that you are looking for.

Say goodbye to frantically searching for camping spots in advance, or spending half of your trip setting up your RV campsite. Simply pop by when you want that camping experience, and your RV will be right there, all ready for a relaxing camping experience away from your busy lives at home. Here are some tips for you if you are thinking of becoming a seasonal camper to make the most use out of your RV!


1. Check the logistics

You want to be comfortable on your RV, so you will want to make sure that you have access to electricity and a good sewage clearage system at your campsite. An electricity supply is essential for long term stay on your RV, if you want the lights to work, the heater to run, and to be able to charge your mobile phone. To make sure that you are not left on your RV trying to survive on portable batteries or simply returning back to the basics and gathering out all your candles to see at night, make sure that you check the electricity supply at the campsite you are setting up at.

Some things that you should find out are whether electricity is metered or all-inclusive, any extra fees that you will have to pay to set everything up, and any minimum balances that you will need to pay during winter time. Cleaning out your sewage frequently will keep things sanitary. You will also want to be able to clear your sewage out conveniently, so do check how much a pump-out of sewage will cost you at the campsite.


2. Food and amenities

Having a hot, home cooked meal on your RV is extremely comforting, and it will be good if there is a grocery store or food market close to your campsite. This will make it a lot easier to purchase ingredients to cook your meal. If you are the type of camper who simply cannot stand staying in your RV for the entire time, and want to get out to try different activities that will keep things exciting, choose a campsite that is close to places providing such options.

Be it a cinema, an ice skating rink or an arcade, choosing a campsite close to such places will mean that you will be able to try out new activities to keep yourself engaged while out camping in your RV.


3. Neighbours

A huge part of the seasonal camping experience is getting a chance to get more permanent camping neighbours that you can get to know more about. Since you and your fellow seasonal campers will be camping at the site for an extended period of time and not leaving after a day or two, you will definitely be seeing them around.

Reach out to get to know them- perhaps bring over some food you have cooked up at your RV, and you might end up with a new friend or two. However, being together at a campsite will also mean that tensions can build up. If you cannot stand mess, do a check to make sure that the campsite you are looking at houses RVs that are relatively neat.

You might also want more space to yourself, so also check how much space you are going to get at the campsite when you are making the decision of which campsite to choose.


4. Leveling your RV to stablise it

With your RV being parked at the campsite for an extended duration, you will want to be able to level your RV to make your stay in it a more comfortable one. The easiest and most convenient way is to use boards to prop up the side of your RV that is tilting down.

Of course, there is an option of using something fancier to get the job done, such as wheel chocks and and specialised tire levelling equipment. However, using boards work just fine, and will save you quite a sum too. What you save can definitely be used for a better purpose, such as funding a barbeque cookout at your RV campsite.


5. Gas station

You probably will not want to waste money driving your RV miles away the campsite to top up your gas. Gas is expensive enough, and if your campsite is located far away from a gas station, heading out for a gas top up will be a lot less affordable. Hence, a good tip will be to choose a camping site that is located close to a gas station.


6. Winter storage

If you are planning to leave your RV out at the camping site during winter, do a check to find out if there are extra fees charged for winter storage or if the particular campsite permits your RV to be parked there during wintertime.


7. Furnishings

You are going to spend a lot of time in your RV, so make sure that it is well furnished! Make yourself as comfortable as possible. It will be great to pick up items such as deck chairs or maybe even a hammock so that you will be able to sit outside and enjoy nature, rather than always being cooped up in your RV.


8. Keep your RV safe from theft

Since your RV is going to be parked at the same spot for a pretty long time, it= can become an easy target for theft. You will not want to come back to find an empty spot where your RV once was, so there is a need to take some measures to keep your RV safe from theft.

One simple thing that you can do to deter theft is to park your RV such that any potential thieves will have to turn the RV to drive it off, instead of parking it in a way that will allow thieves to drive straight away. While this might make it less convenient for you when you are leaving the camping compound, this little bit of inconvenience will definitely be worth it.

You will also want to secure your RV in every way possible. Make sure that your doors and windows are closed shut and locked whenever you leave your RV. You can also get a lock that goes around the kingpin. A boot is also something good to get, as it will cover the RV wheels and prevent them from turning with an extension. The boot cover also has the added function of preventing the stealing of lugs from the wheel.

Lastly, make sure that you are not inviting the thieves in by eliminating all temptations for them to steal from your RV. Close the shades when you are not in your RV so that your new laptop and all other valuables are not shown to anyone who is walking past your RV. You should also get a safe if you are keeping important items in your RV. Besides that, here is also one of the places a good relationship with your neighbouring campers will come into handy. Watch out for each other to make sure that your RV stays safe.


9. Be prepared

Since you are going to spend so much more time on your RV, make sure that you have your essentials equipped on it. If you are not sure what essentials you will need, think about the essentials in your house. After all, your RV is a second home, and what you will need back at home will probably also be what you will want to have on hand on your RV. Things like tape and a first aid kit will be extremely useful to have on your RV.


10. Keep things clean

If you are keeping your RV at the campsite for a long time, it can easily become a breeding ground for pests as rats. These rodents can spread diseases and ruin furniture in your RV, so keep the place as clean as possible and free from cookie crumbs to prevent infestations.

Now that you are armed with all these tips for seasonal camping on your RV, you are ready for this new adventure with your RV! If you are committed to camping more frequently, seasonal camping is a great choice that will make it so much easier for you to go on that camping session, since everything is already set up and ready for you. Have fun, and be sure to make some new friends along the way!