What are the best Rv tankless water heater reviews

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and upgrade for a tankless hot water heater for RV? Excellent decision! Of course, tankless heaters are slightly more expensive, but there are many benefits of purchasing one.


Benefits of switching to a tankless hot water heater

Hot water all day long? Check. No more queues and all-day-long bathing adventures for the family? Check. Washing as many dishes as you like, just when you want it? Got you covered.

Tankless hot water heaters are also environmentally friendly, since they consume less fossil fuel compared to the standard counterparts. This is because standard water heaters keep 6-10 gallons of water heated constantly, regardless if you’re going to use it or not. Your tankless water heater will only warm the water up when you desire.


Types of tankless RV hot water heaters

 When it comes to picking your tankless hot water heater for RV, it’s useful to know that there are two types of tankless water heaters:

  • Electric
  • Gas-fired

The first kind works kind of similar to the hot rod (think about an electric heating element used to boil water). But not quite though: instead of filling up a tank and heating it, the electric tankless hot water heater for RV senses the water coming through it, and when this happens, the electric heating circuit activates. The water heats pretty much instantly – and when you turn the water flow off, the heating process discontinues. The temperature is regulated with water pressure in this type: less water pressure means more heat, and the other way around.

The gas-fired type works in a similar fashion fashion, but in this case, propane is used to heat the water. Therefore there are no large electrical demands, compared to an electric tankless hot water heater for RV. However, if propane supply is limited, it may be a limitation. Another advantage of a gas type is that typically those are easier to install yourself.

When is comes to picking a type, the choice is ultimately yours. Both can deliver a steady flow of hot water pretty much indefinitely.


What to look for to pick the best tankless RV water heater

Searching for the best tankless RV water heater can quickly get a bit overwhelming. Fear not, as we’ve put together some points to consider before you commit to purchase! Follow the guide below, and you will be absolutely happy with the newly bought tankless hot water heater for RV.

  • Consider water heater flow. The only limitation to hot water supply your tankless heater generates is the water flow – as we’ve discussed before, the temperature depends on it. Examine the manufacturer’s information carefully before buying; look for optimal water flow characteristics.
  • Pick the best type for your needs. As we’ve discussed before, the main difference for you as a user will be the heating mechanism. If electricity supply is not a concern, go for an electric one. If you can always top up on propane endlessly, perhaps pick the gas-fired model.
  • Check the product’s warranty. Think you found the best tankless RV water heater around? Make sure to check out the product’s warranty. Tankless water heaters theoretically offer long-term reliability, but they may still require maintenance, and you really want a comprehensive cover in case something happens. The critical part of any tankless hot water heater for RV is its heat exchanger. Make sure this little guy is covered for at least five to twelve years – sometimes you may be able to find a lifetime warranty (although such offers are often very limited).
  • Check the energy rating, if you’re concerned about energy savings (in case you’re going for an electric one, that is). Tankless water filters’ energy ratings typically range from about 80 to 90 percent (the higher, the better).
  • By the way, even if you install the gas model, it will still require electrical connections to operate sensors, switches and such!

The tips above will sure help you pick the best tankless RV water heater to suit your needs!


RV water heater reviews

To help you out even further, we are happy to review a few popular models. Perhaps, your ideal water filter is among them!

EZ 101 tankless water heater

ez-101-rv-tankless-water-heater-review Retailing at around $165, this model is a great choice when it comes to tankless water filters. It belongs to a gas-fired type and features sleek, portable design. The manufacturer recommends it for use at campsites, while hunting, while fishing or anywhere where hot water is needed, really.


An interesting feature of this heater is its battery powered ignition. Be aware though that batteries are not included in the standard package.


The most common complaints states that the device doesn’t last very long, typically giving up after about a year. As we’ve mentioned before – check the warranty before you buy!


Rhee, RTE 9  review

rheem-rte-9-tankless-water-heater-reviewThis model is on a more expensive side – prepare around $210 to own it. This electric tankless hot water heater for RV has quite a few fancy features, such as on-unit temperature control, LED indicators, modulating power and a sturdy Rugged brass/copper heat exchanger.


Happy customers also note that this water heater is ridiculously easy to install and heats up water ridiculously quickly.

On the less bright side, quite a few buyers state it doesn’t heat water very well. Perhaps, they haven’t checked the water flow, as per our tips above?..

Eccotemp L10 tankless water heater review

eccotemp-l10-rv-tankless-water-heater-reviewThis is the most expensive options we are going to review today – it’s yours for about $250 or more, depending on the retailer. It looks amazing though – and has some tricks up its sleeve, such as a stainless steel rain cap, a garden hose adapter and a handy 20 minute automatic safety shutoff timer (resets when water stops, then starts again).

Most buyers rave about it’s reliability and short heating time. The complaints are mostly around very limited warranty – so if something does go wrong (although this is obviously rare), it seems like you’re not always going to be covered. Consider purchasing additional warranty from your preferred retailer if you really like this sleek model.

Hope you’re on your way to finding the best tankless RV water heater, and happy showering!