Caterpillar vs CumminsCaterpillar vs Cummins

Mention the words outdoor camping and exploration, and it will conjure images of simply going back to the basics and living in the wild for many. However, exploring the great outdoors does not have to be like that at all, especially if you are adventuring on your RV! With all the equipment that you can install in your RV, your journey can be as comfortable as home.

Want a cold drink? No problem, it is sitting right there in your RV refrigerator. Feeling cold? Just turn the heating on. Feeling like having a movie night? Just play your favourite film on your television in your RV! All these comforts are only possible with a trusty generator that will provide these devices with electricity to run smoothly throughout your trip. Hence, choosing a great generator that is the best fit for you is one of the most important decisions you will make as a RV owner.

There are many brands on the market, and you might have heard of two popular brands for generators- Caterpillar and Cummins. These two brands are extremely established in this field, so let us give you some information about both so that you will be equipped with all the information you need to decide which generator to get.


If you are looking for a Cummins generator for your RV, you will probably have heard of the Onan generators. Cummins is known for producing high quality generators that are quiet and reliable, ensuring that you will be satisfied with their performance for many years ahead.

Cummins produce an extensive range of different generators to suit the needs of different campers, and you might find yourself feeling a little bit lost if you jump straight into their catalogue. To start you off, here are a few different types of generators that they make.

If you are looking for a diesel RV generator, one of the most popular is the Onan 12.5 Kw diesel generator. If anything goes wrong with this generator, troubleshooting is easy as Cummins provides self-diagnostic tools that will guide you through finding the problem and fixing it up by yourself in no time. They are also known to be extremely silent, with features such as an intake silencer and a sound controlling muffler to stop the sound produced from disturbing your peace.

If you have a smaller RV, you might want to look into the Cummins range of gasoline generators. These generators will usually be able to power an air conditioner with some extra power leftover. Due to their smaller size, they are lighter and easier to transport about. They also do not use as much fuel, and are a pleasure to maintain. One of the most recommended models is the MicroQuiet 4000W generator.

Those who own a fifth wheel, a class A RV or a class C RV can also look into propane generators. These also operate silently, as they are built with an enclosed muffler and are designed to ensure low vibration levels.


– These generators are generally approved by most organisations.

– If you are a light sleeper and hate unnecessary background noise, these generators are very quiet and are able to operate effectively without all that buzz. Your neighbours will definitely thank you too for a good night sleep!

– You do not have to worry about your sensitive electronic equipment when using these generators as they work to generate power for even the most sensitive devices. The voltage will not vary more than 3% with these generators, so go ahead and charge your laptops and cell phones without worrying about them.

– Regular maintenance is a must for your generators if you want them to continue to serve you for many years ahead. Cummins makes the maintenance of their generators easy for users by providing many access points. After all, maintenance work is a chore, and anything that will make the job easier is always welcome.


– Some reviewers claim that the watt numbers for their generators are a bit on the lower side.

– The spark arrestor for the diesel generators is not included when you purchase your generator, and has to be bought separately. Good news is that it is easy to find in the stores, but it will increase the total amount your generator set up is going to cost you, so make sure you factor that into the price too.



While the Caterpillar brand is most well-known for the heavy machinery that they manufacture, they also make a great range of generators.

There is an entire range of Caterpillar generators out there, so let us introduce you to some of the most popular ones to get you started- the RP3600, the RP5500, and the RP7500. If you want to be able to move your generator around, these are good options, as they are all portable and will be convenient to transport from one place to another. These are also all gas powered generators.

Both the RP3600 and RP5500 have five outlets for you to plug your electronic devices in. If you love your electronic devices, and want more outlets to plug all of them in, the RP7500 comes with six outlets, allowing you to have more devices operating all at once. The outlets all feature the twist lock mechanism, making sure that there is a secure connection.

This will be a great feature if you have little ones around in your RV too, as they will not be able to tug them out easily, keeping them safe in the RV. All the parts come with a 3 year limited warranty, so you will not run into additional costs if something breaks down. If you purchase a Caterpillar generator, it will come with all the tools you will need to assemble it and start it running in your RV, including engine oil and even a funnel for you to get everything up and running with ease.

For those who struggle assembling things and would do anything to shun away from any DIY furniture, Caterpillar has got your back. If you are not completely confident of your set up skills, fret not as they also come with automatic voltage regulations and LED displays, saving you from any worrying about any mistakes you might have made when setting it up.


– Caterpillar generators are easy to set up, requiring only minimal steps to be taken from when it is taken out of the box, to having it start running. Most of these generators come with everything that you will need for it to operate, except for the gasoline that powers it.

– These generators are also able to operate quietly without making that annoying buzz that everyone hates.- If you are feeling a pinch in your wallet, and would rather spend the money you have saved so hard for on something more exciting, the Caterpillar generators might just be what you are looking for.

They are relatively affordable for their quality, and will not burn a serious hole in your pocket. Small generators will cost you around $500 while the largest generator that they offer goes at a little over $1000.


– Models with lower wattage such as the RP3600 have been said to take a proportionately large amount of gas to start up, and do not have an electric start.

– Certain models have been reviewed to have parts that are not as durable, so make sure to read reviews for the specific model that you are interested in before deciding to make that purchase.

Which brand should you go for?

Both brands here are highly reputable in their fields, and you will probably be happy getting hold of either of them. Different people will have different takes on the best generator for them, so with all this new knowledge that you have, seek out the different models that you might be interested in and do a comparison. Depending on what you are looking for (for instance, something more affordable or something that can generate more power), the best generator for you might be different.

Nonetheless, explore the different generators under these brands to find the perfect one for you. With their reputation in generator manufacturing, picking one from any of these brands will be sure to not disappoint. Good luck hunting for your RV generator, and make sure to take good care of it once you have it installed!