Do Dryer Sheets Keep Mice Away?

No one wants mice in your home, car or anywhere else. These furry rodents not only instill fear in many by their sheer appearance, but can also cause severe damage in your house and car. While they are small and unassuming, even one can bring many problems with it. Mice can find their way to where you live for shelter from the outside world, and you definitely do not want them to come in uninvited.

Damage mice can cause

While they are small in size, the damage that they can cause cannot be overlooked. Chewed furniture, frayed wires and gnawed insulation are only some of the problems that they can cause. Exposed wires or gas tubes caused by mice chewing on them are potentially extremely dangerous, as you put yourself and others at risk of electrical fires and gas leaks. All this damage will also burn a hole in your wallet, and the cost of reparation can quickly build up.

Mice can also leave their dropping everywhere around your house. This is not only unpleasant to clean up, but can also result in the spread of diseases to you and your family. Mice can carry many harmful diseases such as salmonella, plague, lymphocytic meningitis, rat bite fever, leptospirosis, hanta virus and many more. Especially if you have a young one or your elderly parents at home, these diseases can even be potentially life threatening. For your wellbeing and that of your loved ones, you will want to get rid of mice from your living premises.

Using dryer sheets to keep mice away

Mice infestations are an age old problem, and as with many problems dating long back to the past, there are multiple myths and suggestions on how to best deal with them. One popular, debatable saying is that dryer sheets can keep mice away.

Most advocates of this method to keep mice away swear by the use of Bounce dryer sheets. They claim that in particular, Bounce dryer sheets have a smell that mice and other rodents find extremely unpleasant. This method of dealing with mice is also a more humane way compared to the use of mice traps or poison, as they keep the mice away by repelling them instead of killing them after they have infested your home.

However, critics claim that while the use of Bounce dryer sheets might work in the short run, they will not be effective as a long term solution to your mice problems. These critics claim that while it is true that some smells can repel mice for some time, mice have an innate curiosity, and an unpleasant smell will not keep them away from entering your house when they need food, water and shelter. Instead, baited traps can be used to get rid of mice currently taking refuge in your home, and all holes or possible entries into your house should be sealed up to prevent any more mice from entering your home.

Still up to try the dryer sheet method?

With mixed reviews on the dryer sheet method, you really cannot tell if it will actually work in getting rid of these pesky rodents that have invaded your home. If you are up to trying it yourself, here is the lowdown on the correct way to do it:

  1. Get a pack of Bounce dryer sheets for the best shot at success for this method.
  2. Make a list of the places in your house that are at higher risk of mice invasions. Common areas include anywhere with an opening where mice can come in from the outside- the kitchen, doors, windows and cabinets.
  3. Taking a Bounce dryer sheet, wipe down these surfaces as well as you can without missing any spots. Focus on wide openings such as the doors and windows where mice can enter your house easily.
  4. Make sure that the dryer sheet remains scented as you wipe the surfaces down. The scent of the dryer sheets is what that is keeping the mice away, so you want to make sure that the scent is being transferred to the surfaces that you are wiping. Replace the dryer sheet once the scent on the dryer sheet starts to fade.
  5. Repeat the entire wiping process at least once a week (try to do it more frequently for better chances of success!) to keep your house smelling of dryer sheets and keeping the mice away.
  6. Besides wiping surfaces down with Bounce dryer sheets, you can also try placing whole dryer sheets at strategic places around your house.
  7. List the places in your house that mice seem to like to burrow in. These are often warm, enclosed places such as luggage, cupboards, hidden corners and bedding.
  8. Place two or three Bounce dryer sheets at these places. As a general rule, the larger the place, the more dryer sheets you should use.
  9. Replace the Bounce dryer sheets every week to ensure that the scent stays strong to keep the mice away.



Regardless of whether you are reading this before experiencing a terrible mice infestation or are currently battling out with the mice that have invaded your home, you will want to take steps to prevent infestations in the future. After all, it will be best if you never need to test if the dryer sheet method actually works or not. These precautions are simple and your future self will definitely thank you for sticking to them.

Firstly, do not keep your food lying around. Opened bags of crisps, crumbs or garbage bags that are not taken out for days are havens for hungry mice. A clean home will keep the mice away. Secondly, rodent proof your house by sealing any openings that they can crawl through. This can be done by stuffing these openings with steel wool or sealants that can be bought at your local mart.

If you drive and do not want a rodent infested car, try not to park your vehicle in places where mice often lurk. This include areas with open grassland or wooded areas. Instead, try your best to park on concrete pavements especially if you are going away for a trip and not using your car for a long time.

For those currently battling a mice infestation, the Bounce dryer sheet method is definitely worth a shot! For the luckier ones who still have a mice free home, make sure to take precautions. After all, it is best if you will never have to put this method to use!