Guide to the best RV toilet

Recreational vehicles (or RV as its shortly called) plays a great part in the success, fun and comfort obtained in camping and traveling. Installing an RV toilet in your trailer or camp-site eliminates your searching for the best tree spot to respond to nature’s call. RV toilets are not the same as buckets or drums used to collect waste during travels as they are normal toilets like the ones found in our homes but suited specifically for travels and recreation to hold both solid and liquid wastes.

Getting an RV toilet for your travel is not enough, but getting one in the best form and state.  You might be wondering, “what makes for a good or the best RV toilet?”

Below is a list of the criteria to look out for when trying to purchase an RV toilet for you trailer or travel car.

  • Light weight- Your vehicle is already too heavy for itself to carry, why buy a toilet that will increase its weight. Go for the lightest RV toilet possible. This will not only make your vehicle lighter and journey more swift, light toilet are easy to install and maintain.
  • Firm and proper hold to the base of the vehicle- You don’t want your toilet falling off whenever you go over a bump on the way.
  • Low Water Consumption- No one travels or camps and provides water only for use in the toilet. Good RV toilets have low water consumption in their flushing. This greatly reduces the volume of water that will be needed for the journey, and save water for other needs like bathing, cooking etc.
  • Proper Smell Handling- Nothing can be more discomforting than having to live in an atmosphere of foul smell. Good RV toilets must have mechanisms to confine the smell of the waste in the tanks. Proper tank and toilet tank connection with properly fitted gate seal ensure this.
  • Well Sized seat- The Seat of the toilet must be of full adult size capable of holding any one regardless of their butt size. And at the same time of small size to fit properly into the trailer and not take up too much space.
  • Weight Resistance- In addition to being light, the toilets must have the capacity to handle heavy weight without breaking or shattering.
  • Scratch-proof and Stain-free ceramic bowl- It’s very irritating to see particles of waste on the wall of the toilet. A good RV toilet has stain-free bowls. This also improves on the water consumption as little water will be needed to flush down the waste improving aesthetics and comfort.
  • Cost Effectiveness- Off course quality is paramount, but purchasing a toilet for travels or camping is not worth breaking your bank for.

A lot of RV toilet brands and products exist, and are readily available for purchase in amazon. Its most times a tough puzzle to decide which product to buy for your trip. Three brands however stand out in your choice for a good RV toilet, they did not only meet the above criteria but beat them.


RV toilet reviews

In this section, we will take a more detailed on some of the more popular RV toilet models in the market today.


Domestic 310 toilet review

Domestic 310 toilet reviewThe Dometic 310 Series low profileRV toilet white and of standard height. It comes with a handspray, weighs 24 pounds, and a dimension of 19 x 15 x 15.2 inches. The Domestic 310 series is one of the best when it comes to RV toilets. Below are its awesome features.

  • It relatively light.
  • Extremely easy to install with just two bolt to the base and standard water supply connection at the back which requires no additional taping for watertight connection.
  • It occupies a total floor space of about 0.18 square meters, thus requires just a little space in your vehicle.
  • Fits perfectly into old installation, thus a perfect choice when it comes to replacing an old toilet with a new one.
  • The white porcelain bowl made of ceramic with angular water port around the rim which swirls it clean with each quiet-flush is stain-free thus making it easy to clean and also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Possesses a bigger and roomier seat than normal RV toilets with a deluxe pedal flush accessible with your feet.
  • Highly durable seats and requires no levelling.
  • And a Free replacement of product if found faulty.

Some of the disadvantages certain users face with this product include: The seat being plastic thus not suitable for very fat persons. A relatively shallow and low seat,difficulty in cleaning the ball valve at the base. These disadvantages are however outweighed by the countless benefits derived from the product.


Thetford 31667 aqua-magic v toilet review

thetford 31667 aqua-magic v toilet reviewThe Thetford 31667 Aqua-Magic V white toilet,weighs 9.4 pounds, a dimension of 19 x 18.2 x 15.2 inches. Comes in two options; the hand flush and the pedal flush.  Its awesome features include

  • Very light. With a weight of 9.4 pounds.
  • Takes few minutes to install and easy to maintain.
  • Very high seat so suits the aged and those with hip and back issues.
  • Very attractive and cheap still keeping it top quality intact.
  • Well-built with strong flush and stain-free bowl.
  • Fully compatible with previous Thetford products thus no extra cost is incurred for replacement.
  • Support very fat persons without breaking despite it light weight.
  • And a privilege of a 3-year warranty form Thetford.

It’s very light weight is its major advantage however its poor water supply fittings and connection to the tanks is its one disadvantage.


Camco 41541 portable toilet review

camco 41541 portable toiletThe Camco 41541 portable Toilet- 5.3 gallon weighs 0.5 ounce with a dimension of 16.38×13.75×16.13 inches. Is a fully portable RV toilet with a large water reservoir and holding tank. It comes with a pleasant dark beige color with a much deeper bowl. It’s very fascination features include

  • Extremely light weight making it very easy to install. With a net weight of 0.5 ounce, this product is the lightest.
  • Has seat like that of a house toilet offering lots of comfort.
  • Extremely tight plumbing fittings thus no leaking of any sort.
  • Very easy to use and maintain.
  • Its improved valve system makes the waste easier to remove.
  • The best weight holding capacity.

It’s awesome to note that the Camco 41541 portable toilet has attached to its use almost no disadvantage except in the labor incurred in moving it when disposing off the waste.


Parting words

Getting an RV toilet is not enough, getting the best is key to the measure of satisfaction and comfort you will get from your camping and travel.