Jayco vs Forest RiverJayco vs Forest River

Imagine spontaneously hopping onto an RV for a quick weekend camping trip. You will get to explore the wilderness and get that camping getaway without having to sacrifice all the comforts of home. RV living can be extremely fun and exciting, and finding the right RV for you is the first step in your RV journey. Now that you have your mind set on getting a new RV, searching for which to buy on the web might leave you just a little lost and confused.

With the variety of RVs out there in the market with different designs, sizes and price points, making the decision on which RV is the best fit for you can be really hard. If you are feeling lost and want a quick guide to which RV to get, continue reading, as we will be comparing two well-known RV brands that are well loved by the RV community!


Established since 1968, Jayco has had a long history in making RVs, and has grown into the largest family-owned RV manufacturer in North America. Being a family owned business, Jayco also takes pride in being family minded and being guided by treating the people they work with and their customers with respect and care.

Staying true to their roots, they are still using their patented lifer system designed by Jayco’s founder in their RVs today. Their quality products are based in the Amish craftsmanship that they employ. The woodwork of these RVs are helmed by Amish craftsmen, who use many of their time tested techniques to make sure that everything is of the best quality possible.

Another perk of purchasing an RV from a large company is that they are able to use better construction materials while still providing a great price for purchasers. You know that you will be getting your money’s worth when you are getting one of these RVs!


– There is always a chance of your RV breaking down or getting a bit scratched up, so having your RV under warranty is always a good thing. After all, repairing any damage can be costly and you definitely do not want to be leaving the repair shop with a hole in your pocket. Jayco RVs come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty from hitch to bumper, giving you a peace of mind when you are out adventuring in your new RV.

– Purchasing an RV from Jayco also means that you will get 1 year of roadside assistance without incurring any additional costs. You will be glad that your RV comes with this perk if you are stuck miles away from civilisation and need some help with your new RV.

– When you are purchasing a Jayco RV, that is not the only thing that you will get. The RV comes with high quality appliances such as Onan generators and Carfree electric awnings. With all these quality fittings on your RV, you know that your adventures on your RV will be a comfortable one.

– Being a large RV manufacturer, Jacyo has over 335 dealers in North America alone. This will mean that access to service and assistance will be greatly convenient. Gone are the times where you will have to hunt down for servicing parts in obscure corners in the country.


– Online reviews on the quality of Jayco RVs can differ quite a bit depending on the particular model that you choose to get. So, while Jayco is an overall great brand for RVs, do find out more about the specific RV model that you are thinking of getting before biting the bullet and making a purchase.

– Jayco has had some bad publicity on their customer service, with them recently being accused of preventing refunds for defective RVs, so as with any purchase, make sure that you are clear of the terms under the purchase to protect yourself.

Forest River

Forest River is one of the best known names in the RV manufacturing business, and had an illustrious history since being founded in 1996. It is headquartered in Indiana, and has grown so much since it was established. Today, it is among the largest RV manufacturers, employing over 8500 people. The company is strongly dedicated in enabling people to explore the great outdoors by selling quality RV products.

The sheer scale of their operations means that they are able to provide quality products at a lower cost as well as produce the RV you ordered quickly without compromising on quality so that you will be able to pick up your new RV in no time.


– Getting your hands on the RV of your dreams can be a costly decision to make, and you will want to get something of the best quality if you are spending so much on it. Forest River prides itself on the high quality RVs that they produce, and subject their products to rigorous testing at their massive pre-delivery inspection building. Everything on the RV is checked, from the electrical wiring to the plumbing to make sure that it is all ready to get into your hands.

– When you decide to purchase a Forest River RV, you do not only get an RV! If you want to be able to meet new friends who share an interest in RV camping or living, this might be where you will want to get your new RV. The Forest River Owners’ Group has been established since 2011, and had more than 75,000 members.

These members are a tight knitted community, and tours are organised throughout North America for the members to go on an RV adventure together while getting to know each other a little better. It is a welcoming community, and all you need to do to become a member is to become an owner of a Forest River RV and submit a form on their website. Who knows, you might even build up an entire friend group, all with an interest in RV camping.

– Forest River provides a one year limited warranty with any purchase of their RVs, and also come with a year of Roadside Assistance services. These services are available 24/7, so you know that someone has got your back when your RV decides to break down in the depths of the night.


– Similarly, some of the RVs from Forest River have some not so great reviews online. There are a number of complaints on the quality of these RVs, with users reporting problems such as fading paint and leaking roofs, so also make sure to check the specific model you are interested in before deciding to make the purchase.

– Forest River also had some bad rep for waiting too long to recall their RVs when they were known to have safety defects which puts them in a risk of catching fire. However, Forest River generally has a good record in their RV production, so do not immediately cross the brand out of your list.

Which brand should you choose

Both Jayco and Forest River are major players in the RV manufacturing market, and both produce a wide range of quality RVs for you to choose from, making sure that you are simply spoilt for choice. With the long history both brands have in producing RVs, they have come of the most reliable RVs in the market, with a great price to boot.

You cannot really go wrong with either brands, so perhaps take a closer look at the different RVs that each produce. There are a whole range of different RVs of different sizes and boasting different features out there, and you will be sure to find one that is the perfect fit for you. So head out to a store, or launch into their online sites to find out more about the different types of RVs that they offer. There is a lot to go through so good luck and may you find the best RV for you!